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Top 5 Freelancing Platform

Today, a lot of people are interested in how to make money online. You can make extra cash online and even build a stable source of income. We are going to show you legal and genuine ways to make money online without financial investment.

Did you know that you can make money online? Today, there are many legitimate ways to make money on the internet without investment. Use your skills like writing, singing, blogging, dubbing videos, typing data, creating music, taking photos, etc., and provide services or products to make money online without paying too much.


is one particular one we are looking at today:


FreeeUp is an up and coming freelancer marketplace that prides itself on connecting clients with the top 1% of freelancers in the market today. With an extensive 5-step interview process, clients are assured of getting high-quality, pre-vetted freelancers who specialize in ecommerce, digital marketing, and virtual assistance, among others.

With a massive roster of pre-vetted freelancers located in different parts of the globe, clients will enjoy the easy and quick hiring process that this freelance job site offers. FreeeUp also offers above-average compensation to freelancers while still offering reasonable client rates, making the platform a win-win for freelancers and clients alike.


No freelance job sites list will ever be complete without the one that started it all. Considered the biggest freelance job site on the internet today, Upwork offers just about any kind of freelance work there is.

With over 1.5 Million clients under its belt, Elance and Odesk’s lovechild is definitely a haven for just about any type of freelancer due to the wide range of skills it supports.


With over 3 Million freelancers in its pool, GURU is considered one of the largest freelance job sites today, right up there with Upwork. It’s a good place to showcase your talents and past work while gaining access to new jobs every day.

GURU also provides freelancers information on how much a company has spent on the platform, helping you decide if the client is a good fit or not.

Just like other freelance job sites, GURU lets you choose between hourly or fixed project types as well as location and other filtering options.


While it’s common for freelancers to apply for projects on freelance job sites, Fiverr does it differently. Instead of applying for projects, freelancers market themselves to get hired.

Freelancers post their gigs in different categories and just like a buffet table, clients come to choose which one fits their needs and budget.

All freelancer gigs start at $5 (thus, the name Fiverr) but can go up depending on the requirements and complexity of the project.



FlexJobs makes a great effort to screen all the telecommuting gigs it offers freelancers, giving everyone the assurance that the projects they’re applying for are all legit.

This freelance job site offers an array of projects ranging from freelance to part-time gigs. They also provide freelancers access to useful resources like webinars, skill tests, and freelancing tips to help them brush up on their skills and land clients more easily.

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