Dangers Of The 21st Century

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There are a lot of perks on living in the 21st century. You have access to the Internet, TV, radio, various vehicles and better medical care and treatment. You are very fortunate and should always be grateful for it. Check out the vices and dangers of the 21st century below.

Despite the advantages, modern life can also give you dangerous and unhealthy habits that will affect your life negatively. Most youths nowadays are one way or the other involved in or Practicing the dangers of the 21st century. Here are some of the habits that may just be ruining your life.

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1. Junk food

Its no surprise this is top of the list, an outrageous number of youth would rather prefer fast foods and junk food to good home-cooked meals. For some it makes them look for fancy and other is just sheer laziness. Most of these foods are no so healthy especially those with a lot of preservatives hence the decrease in the life span of many.

2. Entitlement mentality

Nothing is destroying the youths more than this mindset of “somebody else should give me”, or do it for me or because I belong somewhere or associated with someone I deserve certain perks and advantages.

This mindset has made in this century want more that they are willing to give value for. They spend a lot of money without realizing the value of money. Youths wanted to live a lavish lifestyle anyhow, not caring as to what it might take or cost.

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3. Social Media Addictions

Social media is one of the greatest disruptions of the 21st century, it has drastically changed the way we relate as humans and whilst it has very many advantages, it also has numerous disadvantages like lack of concentration on other important things, living fake life, depression.

Social media has succeeded in reducing the productivity of many more youth who don’t know how to use it wisely. I dare say it may be doing a lot of harm to the youth and more measures should be put in place to curtail it excesses.

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4. Drugs, Weed, Alcohol, and Smoking

These vices have always existed but unfortunately, they have become more prevalent and accessible to today’s youth. Drugs and smoking are like candy to the 21st-century youth, you’d find it at almost any youth-oriented party or event. In fact, you are considered silly or bullied if you do not indulge in these vices.

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5. Pre-marital sex

I know I’m going to shake some tables with this, but really have you checked the recent statistics and found out how much pre-marital sex is destroying more lives. It is doing more harm than the pleasure it provides.

According to research youths aged between 16 to 20 are indulging in pre-marital sex the most. This leads to higher levels of illegal abortions that are being registered today which could lead to more health-related problems. Also, the youth of today are clearly not well-educated in intimate matters as they need to be hence a lot of heartbreaks and a plethora of emotionally damaged youths.

Some of these are not in themselves bad but the overindulgence of the 21st-century youth has made these habits very destructive.

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