9 Tips On How To Regain Self Respect


Most people don’t realize that they should have self-respect until they have lost it. By the time the realization sets in, they would have already made the mistakes, been insulted by people and have had their ego badly bruised.

True, mistakes that cost us our self-respect are easy to make, some completely because you are too kind and easy and others perhaps out of bad habits. But it is even more difficult to regain our courage and worth after we have lost it. Thankfully, you can be able to regain your self-respect after a grave mistake, as long as you keep at it.

You don’t need to despair or give up the effort to earn that respect back, just follow these easy steps to regain or rebuild it.

1. Know That You Can Rebuild It

Knowing that you can rebuild your self-respect after losing it is important. In addition to knowing, you must also believe that it is possible.

If you give up too soon and accept your fate, then you will keep hating and blaming yourself.

2. Acknowledge Your Mistakes And Pledge To Do Better

Accept that you have made a mistake and find a way to make things right. Know that the acceptance of your mistake is not for you to beat yourself up over.

Instead, it is for you to know that mistakes are part of life and if you keep blaming yourself for it, you will never move past it.

What you should do is to find ways to undo a huge part of the damage you have done.

3. Don’t Worry About People’s Opinion

Don’t say, what will people say or what will people think of me. Just focus solely on your core values, which is fixing your mistake and regaining your lost self-respect.

Ignore everyone and even their criticisms and focus only on what is important to you.

4. Change Your Perception Of Others And Yourself

It is easy to think that others are out to get you or that everyone else is making something out of their lives, except for you. Sometimes, you feel as though everyone else is catching up with life and you are still struggling in the trenches.

Despite this fear of others being out to get you or you being unable to do something with your life, try instead to change your perception about people and yourself.

Think that they are kind-hearted people who mean you well and tell yourself that you are doing great with your life.

5. Set Standards For Yourself

You may have done some dreadful things in the past that hurt your self-esteem, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t change all of that. You can repair this damage, by setting high ambitious standards for yourself and meeting all of them.

Maybe you lacked such standards before in the past, but for the present and the future, you can reach them. Start by not doing things half-way, follow through on your word, be honest and committed. If you start doing these things, you will learn to respect yourself.

6. Believe In Your Choices

After you have made a choice or a decision, believe in it. Don’t have any regrets, beat yourself up or call your self an idiot after making them.

Stand by what you choose or decide and in the possibility that they will turn out great.

7. Work Hard And Acknowledge Your Efforts

Put in your complete 100% when working and never give less than that. Try everything, explore every possible option and leave no stone unturned. Work hard.

Learn to praise yourself, the same way you have worked. Acknowledge your efforts, tell yourself how great you are doing and pat yourself on the back.

8. Don’t Aim To Impress Others

The path to constantly impress others is an unending one. You can work your whole life and make decisions just to please other people and they will never be pleased.

So, instead of displeasing yourself to please others, learn to impress and please yourself. Stop living your life to make others happy, instead focus on doing the things that you love and forget others.

9. Recognize The Process

Recognize that regaining self-respect is a building process and it takes time. Gradually, build yourself up and keep things that increase respect.

Also, hold yourself in the highest regard. Remember, when you respect yourself, people will respect you.


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