7 Reasons Why You Are Poor

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You are the captain of your ship and master of your fate, if you are still poor then you are most likely responsible for it. Sure I understand that you may be born poor but if you stay poor then that’s on you.

Find out some of the reasons and habits that are keeping you poor and how you get out of poverty into your wealthy place or at least above average.

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1. You Don’t Plan

This is the most basic and important thing for everyone to learn to do. Of you want to overcome poverty you must plan your way out of it. If you belong to the school of thought that doesn’t believe in having a budget then you are in trouble.

2. You Are Living Above Your Means

This is most common in this side of the world, where everyone is trying to impress other people at the detriment of their personal financial life. Understand that, life is a race and every man has his own race to run. Never spend beyond your capacity, doing that consistently will keep you poor.

3. You Are Impatient

Patience is really a virtue, especially if you want to be rich. Most people who stay poor are people who don’t know how to delay gratification, they want everything now now. That kind of habit will never make your rich because to build wealth you need to know how to be patient, wait and accumulate money. It takes a lot of patience and discipline to cultivate a saving culture which is one of the major pillars of wealth

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4. You’re Arrogant

I’ve found out that contrary to what many believe, it is actually the poor man that is usually arrogant n prod. These attitudes will keep you away from getting the help that you need because the truth Is that if you really want to be rich you must be humble enough to learn the craft of wealth from the wealthy.

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5. You Have Some Bad Habits

Bad habits are also reasons you may be poor. Habits like laziness, procrastination and time-wasting, drugs, smoking and alcohol are also habits that will eventually lead to being poor and broke.

6. You Have No Goals

 To a man without goals, there is no destination. It’s very important to have goals in your life. Without proper goals you are not aware about what you are doing in your life. You will always complain about not having time to complete your tasks which is the result of wandering around without having any life goals.

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7. Your Friends Are Poor.

Well, if you keep four poor friends then I can assure you that you’ll be the fifth poor person in the group. You’ve got to choose our friends carefully because they affect how you think and see the world. Choose your friends wisely. Find out people that have similar interests and interact with them. See if you can work together on your goals. Working as a team gives you more ideas and feedbacks from different perspectives.

Now that you know why you are poor make sure you make amend to your lifestyle today to become rich. Drop a comment below to tell us why you think people are poor in this country. Also, like and share this article.

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